Personal Debt and Christmas Spending

Personal debt tends to increase at certain times of the year more so than at others. Christmas is most probably the time that most of us spend that little extra than we planned to or just go that little over the top on presents for others. We are all in control of our spending however if you were able to look at most peoples bank statements, you would find that our spending is not in line with our affordability.

This is the point of this blog post, we should all live within our means as best as possible, the posh and becks lifestyle is not affordable for everyone and you should save for a rainy day or ill heath before splashing out on more retail therapy for yourself or others, the bills will eventually land on your doorstep and need paying.

The media will blow up certain celebrity lifestyles to make fresh and interesting news, people actually believe that they should be able to spend like rock stars or footballers and this is where the problems start. Not all personal debt is due to overspending and most is usually caused by personal changes in circumstances that are totally unavoidable. You should remember that however fast Christmas seems to arrive, it passes even quicker and the left over turkey can be used for sandwiches but the credit card bills can’t!

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