Payment Protection Insurance or PPI Claims

  • Do you have the right to claim back the premiums you have paid in the past for this PPI or Payment Protection Insurance?

You may have seen adverts for PPI Claims or Payment Protection Insurance claims online, on the TV or radio and certainly in the national press.

These companies are helping people to reclaim the premiums they have paid for loan and credit card payment protection insurance.  This is a financial product that has been sold alongside many credit card and loan agreements which should cover the individual borrowing the money for monthly repayments to be made on their behalf should they be unable to make the contractual repayments to the lenders.

There are many reasons why an individual may think that PPI or Payment Protection Insurance would be required, it is usually in case of sickness, redundancy or other changes to your personal circumstances that may affect your ability to repay a loan or credit agreement.

PPI or Payment Protection Insurance has in many cases been mis-sold or not even mentioned but added onto an agreement without the customers original consent. This means that those insurance agreements can not legally be upheld so a claims management company can act on an individuals behalf to reclaim monies paid in premiums for this particular PPI (payment protection insurance).

Not everyone can claim but there is a point in checking to see if you are able to claim, you may have been mis-sold the PPI and may be eligible to claim, if not you have lost nothing but a little time.

You should not be charged any up front fees to see if you can make a claim for mis-sold Payment Protection Insurance and beware of any claims companies that try to get you to pay anything without clarification that you can make a successful claim.

If you are considering making or want to know how to claim back PPI whilst on a debt management plan or know that you are eligible to do so, please contact our debt helpline today 0800 018 6868 in absolute confidence, we will offer you our debt advice UK regarding the PPI Claims Industry.

Lewis Alexander Financial Management  is NOT licensed by the Ministry of Justice in respect to Claims Management Activities and has no financial gain from the PPI claims process advice we offer you.

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