Struggling with personal debt problems

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Personal debt can be one of the most stressful long-term issues a person or couple may have to face during their life. It is one of those problems that people do not often talk about or admit to because there is a stigma attached to personal debt in the UK. Find out how to clear credit card debt with debt management online.

We believe that this should not be an issue when someone finds themselves struggling in debt. More important is that the person is given the best possible debt help and advice to allow them to work themselves through the debt problem and become clear of debt again.

What causes the debt in the first place?

When people come to understand that they have a personal debt problem, it can sometimes surprise them how they managed to get into so much debt. Spending patterns are not always the reason for serious debt problems. Often debt can be the direct result of common life experiences and changes in circumstance.

  • The following are some of the more common reasons people suddenly find themselves in debt.

Debt through redundancy

Redundancy is something that can suddenly hit unsuspecting families without warning and this can mean people are then in a position where they can not meet their financial commitments.

Debt through divorce

Although divorce is something that doesn’t necessarily happen suddenly, the effects of divorce can be just as devastating. Financial implications of divorce can be huge with one or both partners having to make enormous financial changes to cope with their new status.

Debt after retirement

Obviously, people who have reached retirement age and have then gone on to completely retire experience a huge change in their lives. This is not only a change in their working lives but also their financial lives in many cases. Some people experience a transition into personal debt whilst on a pension that they cannot do anything about. We can try to help you if you find yourself in this position.

Debt because of bad health

An unexpected illness, whether short-term or long-term, can cause unwanted debt problems. Illness can cause unexpected expense that can tip the balance between coping financially and being in debt. Let us help you with up to date advice.

Debt due to disability

Living with disability can often cause debt in itself as many disabled people have to try to live on a very low-income with no prospect of improvement. Contact us for personal debt help and advice in confidence today.

Debt through death

Death brings on many different problems for surviving family members, not least of which are the financial difficulties death can bring. Find out what help is available for people coming to terms with death in the family and find out what things can be done to alleviate the pressure often felt by personal debts caused by death.

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