Prepaid cards to Pay as you go in England UK

Do you need the many benefits of a credit card without the bill at the end of the month?

Whilst credit cards seem to be the most common cause of people struggling with debt in the UK, there is a way to enjoy the benefits of a credit card without all the personal debt problems associated with them.

  • It’s called a Prepaid card!
  • You may have heard of them!

How does the idea of having a credit card without the monthly bill or the eventual need for debt help afterwards sound?

We think lots of people will find this an amazing opportunity to benefit from all the positive aspects of credit cards whilst doing without the negative parts.  This card is based on the principal of ‘Pay Now – Buy Later‘ rather than ‘Buy Now – Pay Later‘ like normal credit cards.

How does it work ?

This card works in exactly the same way as most credit cards would but with one exception!

With this card you ‘load up ‘ the card with money before you use it then you can spend that money on the card at your leisure so you can never get in personal debt with the card and therefore you never get a bill at the end of the month.

This idea is great for people who have had problems with debt in the past and have problems getting credit or simply for people who want to use a credit card but don’t want the bills.

Will this card help me get out of debt?

On its own, it wont get you out of debt, but It could be part of an overall personal debt management plan which by controlling your spending will inevitably help you with your debts.

Can I use it anywhere like a normal credit card?

Because the cashplus card bears the MasterCard ® logo, it can be used anywhere you see the MasterCard sign or logo all over the world in exactly the same way you would with a traditional MasterCard credit card. You can use it to buy or pay for any of things you would normally buy with a credit card.

  • The following is a short comment regarding the comments a consumer had about recently obtaining a prepaid card when she was struggling to obtain a bank account and new credit card after obtaining confidential debt advice UK.

“This card is fantastic for people like me. I can’t resist spending so a credit card is no longer an option for me.  This prepaid card is great, I save up on it when I can afford it then go and blow it all on a shopping spree without having to worry about paying for it all when I get home.”

Try the prepaid cashplus MasterCard®

Reclaim bank charges for FREE!

Be wary of companies claiming to be able to reclaim your bank charges for free.  This is not usually the case, they normally charge approximately 25% of your charges reclaimed, plus any other fees in advance of the charges being accepted by your bank as refundable.

You can claim the money back yourself if your are genuinely due a refund for FREE!

Reclaiming bank charges is not a way to avoid dealing with serious personal debt problems!