Consolidate personal debt

Consolidate personal debt

When people look to consolidate personal debt they take advice from different operations that really do not all ways have the clients best interest at heart.

YOU can help yourself by working out what you have available to pay each month towards your personal debts and by also working out how much you owe in total.  If you have been refused loans to clear debts then it is possible and more than likely that your credit rating or credit score is not as good as your potential lender would like and this can prevent you from being able to consolidate personal debt with another loan.

We help many people every day to consolidate personal debt either using a debt management plan or an IVA or even sometimes bankrupty.  These are all options available to clear or consolidate personal debt for good.

If you require further help and advice regarding how to consolidate personal debt then please call our debt helpline in confidence using,

  •  0800 018 6868