CCJ or County Court Judgement

CCJ or County Court Judgement

If you have received a letter from a solicitor instructing you that they are about to start legal proceedings against you for failure to pay an outstanding balance or debt, you must deal with this letter and NOT ignore it.  

The problem will not go away without you taking action!

You must contact the company who has written to you or ask a debt service or agency to do this on your behalf.  the creditor or debt collector will usually accept an offer of repayment.

However, if you have left it too long and ignored many requests for payment, this may result in a CCJ being registered against you.  A CCJ or County Court Judgement is an order made by a court.  If you fail to pay a court order or fail to deal with having the court order varied using an (N245 form), then you are in breach of a court order and this is very serious as you will be liable to a visit from a bailiff.

A bailiff is a post court debt collector, they do not work directly for companies and they are usually instructed by a court.  They would not usually be instructed to visit you prior to you being involved in a court action.

A CCJ lasts for upto 6 years on your credit file and you must remember that this will very much affect your ability to obtain credit during that period.

If you need further help with debt advice regarding a CCJ or County Court Judgement, please contact our debt helpline in total confidence using the following number,

  •  0800 018 6868