Help to Clear Debt

Help to Clear Debt

Help to clear debts is available on line and from personal debt advice services operating throughout the UK.  Some people prefer to use the services of a debt service or charity and some people prefer to use the help and advice of a fee charging company.  there are obviously differences involved when using a free to client debt service compared to a fee charging personal debt service.

When you first speak with a debt advice service about clearing personal debts, you must not pay any money for the initial advice.  Any company charging you for personal debt advice only should be avoided.

When you consider what options are available to clear debts you will have found that one personal debt solution particularly suits you, there are only small number of options available (debt managementIVA, bankruptcy and debt consolidation loans) so do not allow people to over complicate your debt problem and tangle you into a contract that actually benefits them.

If you need help to clear your debt and wish to speak with a trained advisor, please call our debt helpline in confidence using,

  •  0800 018 6868