Personal Debt Services

Personal debt services are available throughout the UK.  Do not pay for debt help or advice if you are struggling to deal with credit card and loan repayments.

Some personal debt companies will sometimes claim that they, are the particular company that will help you clear your debts and make all the arrangements they can to get your creditors agreement to reduced payment pans, this is not the case, some do and some do not.  Most websites acting as a personal debt service only handle your enquiry and then sell this on to another personal debt service or company creating a middle man effect that increases your total amount repaid!

There is a company called Lewis Alexander Financial Management ( they have offices based in Manchester, UK.

They can help you with Debt Management Plans, Insolvency Advice, Trust Deed Advice, Bankruptcy Information and advice about Debt Consolidation Loans.

Lewis Alexander offers a UK debt helpline that you can reach using the following number;

  •   0800 018 6868