Debt Collection

Debt collectors and their collection agents are very well organised and know exactly how to make people worry about the debt they have outstanding.  If these companies did not worry you, no one would ever pay them!

After accepting this, you will understand that they have a job just like all of us but the debt collectors job is a little harder, it crosses the line of normal requests and sometimes can boarder on intrusive.  You should not ignore the requests or demands of debt collection companies as they have ususally been instructed for the correct reason.  If you are unable to pay the debt collector or agent you should make arrangements with the debt collection company to repay over a period of time.  If this is not acceptable to them you should contact a debt management company.

Your debts will not go away over night and they will ussually take longer to clear than they took to obtain.  We know this is not good news for you to read but it is the truth and we pride ourselves in the transparency of our dealings with you.

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