Secured Loans

Secured Loans

If you are searching for secured loans you must understand what they are.

A secured loan is usually a loan secured against some form of property you own.  Meaning, that if you have  any problems repaying the loan that is secured against your property (car, home etc) you could put it at risk as the lender could take your property due to none repayment or default of the agreement you have entered.

A secured loan is of high risk for most people and advice should be taken with regards your position prior to entering into any agreement.

There are many companies advertising the possible benefits of releasing equity from your home and using it for things you would like to explore in life.  This option is dangerous as the value of your home may reduce leaving you in debt to the company that released the equity to you.  Again, you must take advice.

Secured loans are good for some people who understand them and have planned a route to take incorporating the secured loan and the risk it comes with!  If you have been refused loans we can usually help.

For further advice regarding secured loans and consolidating personal debt without a secured home loan,

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