Debt Consolidation Advice and Help Services

  • Get the help and advice you may need to clear your personal debts for good!

We see and hear the same patterns all the time when speaking with a consumer struggling to consolidate personal debt.

  • People are always nervous when they feel threatened!
  • Being in debt threatens your entire life so it is totally understandable to be consumed by a debt problem!
  • Thankfully though, you can obtain debt consolidation help and advice to clear debts that may stop you worrying so much about them!

Getting reliable financial help and advice or information about personal debt solutions is always the first priority when tackling a debt problem.

Getting out of and dealing with debt is no different as you have to treat it as you would any other problem in life.

  • First … get the best information available from a reliable source
  • Second … Devise a plan of action to clear off the most important or expensive debts first
  • Third … Get your creditors to agree to your plan, then stick to it.

We hear so often that if people had faced the problem as soon they recognised their debts were getting out of control, the recovery process of clearing the debt could have been so much simpler or quicker.

Getting out of debt can consist of one or more of the following debt consolidation or debt management;

A debt management plan is normally a process of informally negotiating the reduction of interest being applied by creditors and extending the original loan term with your respective creditors. A debt management plan is not a legally binding agreement and does not guarantee that interest and charges will be frozen.

An Individual Voluntary Arrangement is a formal repayment agreement between you and your creditors that can freeze the interest and charges being applied and reduce the amount to be repaid in total. An IVA is a legally binding agreement which usually has a fixed repayment period of no more than 60 months with an exact end date. Conditions do apply especially if you are a home owner with equity in your property.

A Debt Consolidation Loan is a way of financial debt consolidation that allows you to put all your personal debts into one new debt by taking out a loan to pay them all off and then having one simple repayment each month. It sometimes means that you are paying less each month with a debt consolidation loan but can mean the debt is spread over a longer period of time.  This form of debt help is often the most desirable but not always the best advice for someone trying to get out of debt for good.

If you do not address personal credit card debts your financial life could become so hard to manage that you end up having to face entering or enduring one of the following consequences of being in personal debt;

Try not to let it get to this stage, there are alternatives to Bankruptcy.