How to Find Personal Debt Consolidation Help and Advice in Scotland, UK

Have you been struggling to find personal debt consolidation help and advice in Scotland?

  • Do you live in Scotland and need to find professional, trustworthy and reliable, personal debt consolidation help or advice?
  • Are you struggling to find a way to get out of debt?

Have you been told that the law in Scotland and solutions available to solve debt problems in Scotland differ to those available in England and throughout the rest of the UK?

If you live in Scotland and need to clear personal debt problems, there are a few widely recognised, and government approved debt solutions available to help you manage and more importantly clear unsecured personal debts such as Catalogue Debts, Credit Card Debts, Store Card Debts, Personal Loan Debt and other unsecured credit commitments you may be struggling with.

The following are links to an article that will help you understand better the different solutions available for Scottish residents to consolidate personal debts.

When considering which solution to explore to clear personal debt problems it is important to consider the total you will repay.

Usually you will qualify for one particular personal debt solution. However, if you qualify for two, it is important to make sure that you choose the correct debt consolidation solution that is right for you to move ahead with.

Debt Consolidation Loans are the first option people in debt tend to explore or apply for.  This can be a very expensive way of clearing debt if you do in fact qualify for the loan.  You should always check the total repaid and do not consider securing 2nd charge loans against your property if you are a home owner as the consequences can be very hard to deal with should you default.  This is because if you fail to keep up repayments on a debt or other loan secured against your home, you are at risk of losing your home due to repossession.

If you need to find reliable debt consolidation help and advice and would like to speak with a UK based trained personal debt consultant, please contact the Lewis Alexander Financial Management personal debt helpline using;

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  • Lines are open 24 hours / 7 days
  • Calls to 0800 numbers are usually free from a UK land line
  • Calls from mobiles may be less expensive by using 0161 872 3383