Living Abroad and Struggling with UK Personal Debt?

Lewis Alexander is a Financial Management company in the UK and we have 10 years experience of helping Expats and UK residents living outside of England, either on a temporary or permanent basis.

Dealing with the minimum payments on credit cards and sending payments to loan companies can get very tedious from abroad and it can help to have a company dealing with the creditors for you.

Not everyone should enter into a personal debt consolidation solution and our clients personal circumstances dictate the advice we give.  There are free charities such as the Citizens Advice Bureau and the Money Advice Service set up by the government which can all help you to understand how to deal with personal debt and the stress associated with it from abroad.

Sometimes people are staying abroad and have no intent on returning, whilst others are planning on returning to the UK and wish to make some positive arrangements so they are not in financial distress when they return.

Help and advice is available from Lewis Alexander and the lines are open 24 hours a day for you to call.  We deal with people across the world who are Expats of the UK in debt, living in places such as Dubai, USA, Germany, France, Italy, Belgium, Poland, Iraq and Afghanistan.

If you wish to pay for debt assistance and have a dedicated company responsible for managing your personal debt commitments then please call Lewis Alexander;

Your call may not be free from abroad and you should check the cost with your phone provider before calling.